We have a rich history of Sharing Aloha:

The Polynesian Cultural Center’s motto — One ‘ohana sharing aloha — is the perfect introduction to this section of Legacy. Sharing aloha is part of the Center’s historical heritage. For example, did you know:

  • Some early Hawaiian residents of Laie include revered kūpuna [elders or ancestors] hula masters [kumu] who helped keep those traditions alive at a time when they were fading elsewhere.
  • When a group of Hawaiians, primarily from Laie, migrated to a remote location in Iosepa, Utah, in the 1880s, their performing group of musicians and dancers soon became popular throughout the area.
  • When the predominantly Hawaiian and Samoan residents of Laie needed to raise money in the late 1940s to replace their chapel which accidentally burned down in 1940, they started a successful Hawaiian hukilau event on a beautiful beach with the same name.
  • Soon after the Church College of Hawaii (renamed Brigham Young University–Hawaii in 1974) opened here in 1955, faculty and cultural leaders organized Polynesian students into a hālau or learning group to study authentic island songs and dances. Before long, they were being asked to perform in Waikiki.
  • And when university leaders decided the students needed a close place where they could work and raise money for their education, to this day the adjacent Polynesian Cultural Center provides a unique work-study program which guarantees their schooling without years of stifling loan repayment debt.


Learn more about how we share our aloha at the Polynesian Cultural Center:


The Hukilau

Who knew a humble community led activity would inspire the world? We did!


We built platforms onto canoes, launched them onto our lagoon, threw in a live band and created something special!


After opening in October 1963, PCC sometimes put on a new night show every a year before settling into a pattern where the latest award-winning productions might run for years and thousands of performances.

Luau Shows

Sharing the true essence of Aloha through the beauty of a traditional Hawaiian lūʻau.

Matinee shows, daytime activities, & special events

Remembering the many ways we have honored our Polynesian cultures.

Promo Teams take the PCC to the world

Recognizing how we brought Polynesia to the world in spectacular ways.