A remarkably inspiring new book!

Ambassador to the World

About 2015, more people became concerned with preserving Polynesian Cultural Center historical materials and files. 

Over the years boxes of historical PCC materials and numerous images had been turned over to the BYU–Hawaii Archives for safe-keeping. “Uncle” David Hannemann had also filled his “museum”-like office (then in the PCC/BYU–Hawaii Snow Administration Building) plus surrounding filing cabinets) bottom-to-top with more boxes and files. Several senior sister missionaries were assigned over the years to help organize, digitize, and catalog these.  

The large volume of historical information served as the basis for the new book, “Polynesian Cultural Center: Ambassador to the world”.  This book is an honest portrayal of the history,  vision and purpose, the spirt of aloha, the anthropology, the music and dance, the cultural treasures and perhaps most of all, the glorious light of the wonderful youths who have been the vibrant welcoming heart and face of this place from from beginning”.

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